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Automation Maintenance Services 2nd Hand


Management of people, process and technologie, all in budget and time
  1. Projects must be delivered on time.
  2. Projects must be within cost.
  3. Projects must be within scope.
  4. Projects must meet customer quality requirements.
General engineering
Lay -outs, PID's,  URS
Electrical engineering
Electrical wiring diagrams, Lay outs of cabinets
 Logo - PLC- Operator panels- Multipanels
Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley
             IQ, OQ

Start up service Assistance during start up periodes

Turn key projects
Complete projects from Design to SAT (Site acceptance ).
Food industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Logisitic Industry
Liquid processing

  1. Project Definition: Defining the goals, objectives and critical success factors for the project.
  2. Project Initiation: Everything that is needed to set-up the project before work can start.
  3. Project Planning: Detailed plans of how the work will be carried out including time, cost and resource estimates.
  4. Project Execution: Doing the work to deliver the product, service or desired outcome.
  5. Project Monitoring & Control: Ensuring that a project stays on track and taking corrective action to ensure it does.
  6. Project Closure: Formal acceptance of the deliverables and disbanding of all the elements that were required to run the project.

Contact information:  CAMSS bvba  Spoorweglaan 213    B-2610 Wilrijk      Mobile : +32 (0) 475 370 733     Email address:  camss@skynet.be      website : www.camss.be