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Spoorweglaan 213
B-2610 Wilrijk
Mobile   : +32 (0) 475 370 733
Fax        : +32 (0) 344 987 52
Email address :  camss@skynet.be
website          :  www.camss.be


Automation Maintenance Services 2nd Hand


Our goal

Our goal is to design, service and maintain installations in different industries.

Our intention is to develop installations and renew them, to minimize operation and maintenance cost for our end customer, with an important message to improve and upgrade installations to consume less energy.

We do this from the beginning in concertation with the customer from a design phase, so that natural resources can be reduced to a minimum as also men efforts. Our main goal is to have a satisfied customer, who will be reflecting the next time immediately to the previous installation.

 Our Warehouse:

 camss building

Contact information:  CAMSS bvba  Spoorweglaan 213    B-2610 Wilrijk      Mobile : +32 (0) 475 370 733     Email address:  camss@skynet.be      website : www.camss.be